About us

BoltzStrong provides meaningful new experiences, learning and community for kids and adults coping with disability, their loved ones and others in need of solid ground.

Rooted in the notion that we derive self-value and joy through interaction and cooperative creation, whether that creation is ultimately food or simple conversation, BoltzStrong is fundamentally a problem-solving community that finds ways to bring people of wildly different abilities, backgrounds and interests together for experiences that are rooted in overcoming life’s obstacles while having fun together and sharing our stories.

Our first major program is our cooking classes where we get groups of people of varying abilities together to learn how to cook different dishes in our fully adaptive kitchen. Here, the counters, sink and stove adjust to your required height and we have numerous specialized and adaptive tools for helping to overcome physical limitations.

Over time we plan to add sufficient residential capacity that we can invite recently-disabled persons to come, with a caregiver, and spend an extended period of a week or two at the farm. During this time they would be able to try out many things such as adaptive cooking, gardening or hand-cycling and would have opportunity to meet and get to know people who’ve overcome obstacles similar to those they now face.

This residential program is predominantly intended to provide hope at the outset of what is typically a difficult grieving process for the newly disabled. By providing these experiences it is our hope that they become seeds from which the newly-disabled can generate ideas for how to rebuild and redefine their own lives.

“If the bottom drops out I hope my love was someone else’s solid ground.” – from Orpheus, by Sara Bareilles

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