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Join our Volunteer Team for a unique cooking experience! We're looking for dedicated individuals to assist in our free cooking classes designed exclusively for disabled participants, taught by disabled instructors.

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About our class:

We offer free cooking classes taught by disabled people, for disabled people. In every class, we provide adapted devices, problem solve, and strategize the best direction for independence while cooking a delicious meal together. Throughout the spring and summer, cooking classes will be accompanied with outdoor gardening sessions. When the produce is ready to harvest, we will harvest the produce for our cooking class. Those with cognitive and/or physical limitations are welcomed, as our kitchen and farm has several modifications and  wheelchair accessible. The counters and cabinets elevate to your desired height, the oven is roll under with French doors, and we have an inductive stove top to provide a low risk environment in the kitchen. On the farm side, we have accessible gardening beds and equipment. Our goal for you is a happy and healthy independent lifestyle, no matter how that looks.

Check out our instagram, @Boltz2NutzFarm and @BoltzStrongNonProfit for more pictures and information.

These classes are free but we welcome donations to help support our adaptive classes and mission. If you feel inclined to donate, click "Donate" on the top right corner of this page!

*Limited spots available. If we sell out and you are in volunteering, please contact yvonne@boltz2nutz.com

Date & Time
Sunday April 14, 2024
Start - 1:00 PM (EST)
Sunday April 21, 2024
End - 5:00 PM (EST)


10718 Schlottman Road
Loveland 45140
United States
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