Building independence and community in the kitchen.

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Fully Wheelchair Accessible

From roll-under ovens to adjustable height stovetop, sink, counters and cupboards, the Boltz to Nutz Adaptive Kitchen is designed to minimize the barriers to cooking faced by those living with disability. 

Farm To Table 

We pair adaptive cooking with our ever-more-accessible farm where folks in wheelchairs can work in the greenhouse, plant, prune or harvest from a wheelchair and, with adaptations to maximize, their independence. Today many parts of the farm still require off-road wheelchairs, but we're slowly adding more surfaces navigable by conventional wheelchairs.

Community Building

Meet new people and hear their stories as you learn adaptive cooking skills and work as a team to overcome obstacles faced by anyone in the group. Soon we will begin including accessible, biodiverse gardening methods so you can grow the freshest food in your fruit and vegetable garden.

Our Vision

Our vision at BoltzStrong is to create a community where people with physical disabilities have the tools and support they need to achieve independence in the kitchen and lead active lifestyles. We are committed to providing accessible cooking classes that promote personal growth, community-building, and self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

BoltzStrong offers adaptive cooking and farming experiences in a supportive, welcoming environment for people with disabilities. Through our accessible community programs, participants build skills, confidence and independence. 


Cooking made possible.

In every class, we provide adapted devices, problem solve, and strategize the best direction for independence while cooking a delicious meal together. Those with cognitive and/or physical limitations are welcomed, as our kitchen has several modifications and is fully wheelchair accessible. See below for kid and adult classes. 

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Classes for all ages

We host classes of all abilities, for all ages. Click below to discover more.

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